Monday, September 12, 2016

School Kids

It's already that time of the year - for all the first day photos to be posted and shared! 

Kaden - 7th grade
His first real year of junior high.  Although he had a locker and switched classes last year, he is officially in junior high and is playing junior high sports this year!

Kylie - 5th grade
Her teacher is Ms. Allen.  One of her very best friends moved to a different school district this year but she luckily gets to share the same classroom with another best friend. 

Kollin - Sophomore Year
It's getting closer - this graduating thing!  Class rings this year and prom next's all going to happen so quickly! 

Farrah - Not Quite Yet
She is still in the infant/toddler room at her daycare/preschool and is the oldest in the group.  She takes Lambie with her each day and has cried every single morning at drop-off since it picked back up this fall.  She has two new teachers this year and loves them both!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

July at Nana's!

During a portion of the summer, Farrah's daycare was closed due to the school it's associated with being closed.  Luckily, Farrah's grandma (Nana) is a school nurse and is off in the summers and was able to spend quality time with her!  I would look forward to the updates and photos I received during that time.  Nana and Farrah played a lot, picked flowers, went on wagon rides, and Nana spoiled her (and Keane and I by all the treats and house cleaning she did while Farrah slept in each morning)!  Nana even curled Farrah's hair for the first time with pink curlers and my oh my was that adorable and precious!

We love you, Nana!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Growing Before Our Eyes

I am constantly writing blog posts in my mind, it's just that finding the time to write them out is tough.

Life is heavenly right now.  I feel like immediately after Farrah turned 1, life became a little easier.  Maybe it was because she began walking, or perhaps the ceasing of the breastfeeding and along with it came sleeping through the night.  Or perhaps it was because her first year had concluded and there was less to keep track of and document.

Or the second year of a baby's life is simply different, a little more simple, and very pleasurable.

She says thank you, kitty, Rudy, Lenox, bubble, or versions thereof.  She copies everything we do including Keane's dirty looks and winking (with both eyes).  She loves to push around her toy grocery cart and take items in and out of it.  She constantly is picking up items and putting them back where they belong.  She carries a little plastic phone around with her at all times.  She loves her lambie and always has it when sleeping or riding in the car. 

She eats well and often.  She only likes milk and dislikes juice.  She loves to help in the kitchen, in the garden, or anywhere that we are at. 

It's crazy to me how much personality she has already, at 14.5 months.  I thought the baby stage would have lasted a little longer, and that all these things she's doing now would have taken longer to develop, but it all happened, just like that.  I seriously understand how children grow up, and become teenagers and soon after adults, because there is no slowing time. 

Our daughter who last year was still considered an infant is now getting into the cabinet and bringing me an entire box of cereal when she wants a snack, and carefully puts her cup in the cup holder in her car seat or high chair when she finishes taking a drink. 

As deep and intimate the love was that I had instantly when I met and held my baby girl, the love grows in new ways that aren't expected.  I love her silly faces, I love her morning hair, I love her voice, I love new outfits on her, I love the way she plays, I love when she grabs onto my legs, I love when she grips me tightly when I'm holding her on my hips, and I love what she has brought to our lives. 

I still love our silent times.  I took her for a walk in the stroller (she loves riding in that thing) up the gravel road and we didn't need to speak.  I pointed out some flowers and things, but for the most part, we just coexisted.  She will point to Rudy's dog food container when she wants to feed Rudy, we will fill up the cup, and I will pull her in the wagon to Rudy's container, and she silently will ride holding tightly to the food, and without saying a word will pour it for the dog, and I can see such contentment and happiness in her face.

She usually sits by me when I put my makeup on and fix my hair.  I don't normally put her hair up because it doesn't seem to stay in well, but I sat her down in front of me to put her hair in a ponytail this weekend and she seemed so excited and watched in the mirror.  As soon as I was complete, she was glowing and smiled so happily at her reflection.  She just seems so grown up, all the time.

(I'm loving these curls)

(I absolutely love getting photos from daycare)

(learning to "shush" me)

(The sleeping snuggles are fewer and further between, and oh, how I soak them in more now than ever)

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